Content marketing careers are constantly evolving, but one thing is certain: The power of LinkedIn for personal branding is here to stay. Especially when you’re aware of all the tricks that can help you strengthen your profile. If Honduras Phone Number  your “Who’s Viewed Your Profile” chart is flatlining week after week, these tips will help breathe new life into your Honduras Phone Number profile, improve your presence in search results, generate more views, and impress your audience. Finish your profile According to LinkedIn. Users with complete profiles are 40 times more likely to receive opportunities such as job offers. Mentors, or new Honduras Phone Number business. Your LinkedIn profile is your digital resume. You can add more detail than you can on your printed resume.

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It will set you apart from your competition. To achieve unofficial “all-star” status, include: • Your industry and location • Current position, including description • Two past positions • Education • A minimum of three skills • At least 50 Honduras Phone Number connections Bonus tips: Don’t get too creative in the name field, but add professional credentials, suffixes, and designations (i.e., MBA, Jr., PMP). Don’t use symbols, numbers, special characters, email addresses, or phone numbers in the name field because that could prompt LinkedIn to restrict your account. Name field character limit:

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60 Add a headshot that reflects your industry A photo puts a face to a name so you’re not just another silhouette. It helps establish trust. A photo makes your profile  seven times more likely to be found in a LinkedIn search. A photo makes your profile 7x more likely to be found in a LinkedIn search via What’s acceptable? If you’re a creative director, you might want an edgier photo, as compared to a CMO Honduras Phone Number who might want a more traditional pose. CMI’s community manager Monina Wagner’s photo radiates her personality, making her likability factor skyrocket.

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