7 Ways to Launch White Colombia Phone Number Publishing a new. White paper is a lot like publishing a new book — you need to do a lot. Of marketing ahead of time. Marketing beforehand can help create a lot of buzz and get people to line up to read it as soon as it is published. But unlike marketing a book, you don’t have to market your white paper for months Colombia Phone Number  before you publish. If you start your marketing push a week or two before you plan to publish, you should have plenty of time to generate excitement and prepare to engage your readers. The tips below will help you prepare for the big launch: 1. Have a distribution plan at the ready Before you launch a white paper, you need to have a plan. You shouldn’t just publish on a random day when it’s ready.

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You need to make a plan and set a publish date ahead of time and stick to it. Have your white paper ready at least a week or two in advance. Make sure it is proofread, edited, reviewed, designed, etc. This will ensure that when the Colombia Phone Number day comes you won’t encounter any problems. You won’t need to postpone the publishing date, clean up any errors or oversights. Or go through the stress of publishing your paper in a last-minute rush. 2. Create a landing page Don’t wait for the white paper to publish to go live with your landing page. Rather, it’s Colombia Phone Number good to publish your landing page about two weeks ahead of time. The aim of the landing page is to get the reader to provide contact details. It should be short and persuasive.

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Colombia phone number

This study by Website Magazine shows that 80 percent of the visitors to a blog are new visits, while only 20 percent are repeat visits. Which means that Colombia Phone Number  most of the people who visit your blog on a certain day will probably never visit it again, and they might never find or read your white paper. But if you publish your white paper landing page in advance and collect email addresses, you will make sure that your white paper gets read by more people. The call to Colombia Phone Number action for the pre-landing page should let readers know that if they register with their names and email addresses, the white paper will be sent to them as soon as it’s published.



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