More B2C and B2B marketers are shifting their focus toward increased digital in their tactical mix. Understanding the digital locations of their target audiences is becoming a standard step in the creation of a digital plan, Guatemala Phone Number but many are overlooking the intentions of their online audiences, and aren’t adapting their content and tactics accordingly. This blog introduces the concept of the digital ocean and the need to locate and market to both fishers (those actively researching products/services) and swimmers (those who are Guatemala Phone Number just “hanging out” online. Rather than actively seeking out your information). Most likely, we are all beyond the trial-and-error phase of digital and have realized that an intelligent,

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synchronized, and aligned plan is needed to maximize our digital investment. We know that every content plan needs to start with a prime objective. For example, in the B2C world, it may be to collect marketable contacts (via a coupon or offer); for B2B, it may be to generate leads with. A Guatemala Phone Number primary call-to-action of a signup for an online trial. So the next challenge is how to stay on course with your targeted audience. This is where the analogy of the “digital ocean” can be helpful. Think of the ocean as representing all the possible Guatemala Phone Number online channels and locations (e.g., search, websites, blogs, social communities, ads, articles, email, text, etc.) where your audience can be reached.

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Now, consider whether you are trying to reach targets who are actively looking for a product, service, or offer like yours (fishers), or those who aren’t actively looking but may respond to a discussion, or an ad, or a blog if it’s related to Guatemala Phone Number their interests (swimmers), or both. Drop your anchor, and choose your bait Take a look at the graphic below: The digital ocean — a B2B example. If your audience is ready to go fishing. Your job is to know where to go to catch them, and how to lure them toward you. Ask yourself what digital mechanisms and places they would rely on to identify, research, and evaluate Guatemala Phone Number their choices.

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