Receive on the page in a specific period of time, the number of publications we have. Made during that same period and the fans of our page. Here we show you the formula. Facebook engagement formula The formula for knowing Facebook engagement. Is not complex: Facebook Engagement = (# Likes + # Shares/ # Posts)/Fans. X100 What would be a good engagement rate on Facebook? On Facebook , a good engagement rate is around 1% . Currently, the average is between 0.5 and 0.9%. If your rate is less than 0.5%, it is time to rethink improving the engagement ratio. How to improve the engagement rate on Facebook To improve the ratio of your strategies, it is essential to use quality images, emotional videos that arouse the feelings of fans and interact with them. One of the possibilities to get ideas from competitors is to use the facebook library. If you want more

information you have it in our post: Facebook Ad Library Twitter Engagement Twitter continues to be a great social network for many sectors and for many professionals who want to increase their authority and their personal brand by giving information about a certain sector. Normally, the metrics used to measure the engagement of an account on Twitter are the following: I like you or Likes. Clicks. Comments or Comments. Mentions or Mentions. Retweet. How to calculate engagement on Twitter To calculate the engagement on Twitter we must divide the number of mentions made to our profile and retweets during a certain period of time, by the number of tweets that we have made in that same period, divide by the number of followers and multiply it by 100 . Twitter Engagement Formula Here is the formula to calculate Twitter engagement : Engagement on Twitter

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(Mentions + Retweets / number of Tweets) / number of followers x100 What would be a good engagement rate on Twitter? A good engagement rate is above 2% . This percentage tells us that we are having a medium to good impact. Below 1% we will have to rethink improving the ratio. How to improve the engagement rate on Twitter You will improve the ratio Slovenia phone number whenever you provide valuable and interesting content, show yourself close and interact with your followers, among other things. If you want your social media strategies to be a success, set yourself a first goal: increase the engagement rate . If you need our help , contact us . Our team of Social Media specialists can help you increase your reputation, improve your relationship with customers and increase your company’s profits Use the ad library filters to find the most relevant information for your market.

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Study your competition’s strategy One way to analyze which stage of the conversion funnel an ad is aimed at is by clicking on it and seeing the landing page. Knowing if it is a product page, a category page or the home page will give us a lot of relevant information. 4. Improve your ads Take advantage of all the information collected to review the copy of your ads, the creatives and the calls to action they use. As a digital marketer, harnessing the full power of social media advertising campaigns—and measuring the results—is critical. Have you used this tool? Tell us your experience. and try to offer

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something different. set goals This will help you work in one direction and improve every day. Are you liking the content? Subscribe to our blog! Email * I have read and accept the privacy policy * You can access the privacy policy from the following link . These are broadly the most important guidelines for you to develop a proper Facebook marketing strategy. However, we cannot ignore that Facebook is a business, and what it wants is for brands to invest money in its advertising platform. This is why, even if your strategy is correct, and your

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