Currently, social networks are the main means of communication between companies and their customers. In addition, they are also a good vehicle for attracting new customers and a good speaker for the audience. So, why many times do they not provide us with what we need? Basically because the implement strategies are not focus on increasing engagement on the different social networks. For these strategies to be really effective, it is necessary to know what engagement on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter consists. Of, that is, engagement on social networks , know how to calculate it, what is the appropriate formula and what is a good rate. With all this information in hand, it will be much easier for you to implement good Social

Media strategies . What is social media engagement? Surely you already know what engagement is, especially if you follow our blog, and we have already talked about this concept in previous articles. We remind you in case you got confused: “Engagement is the degree to which a consumer interacts and engages with a certain brand.” And what is social media engagement? It is the degree of interaction that a business achieves in its account in the different social networks by its followers or fans. Currently, it is one of the best ways to measure the success of the strategies that are

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implemented on Facebook, Instagram , Twitter and many other platforms. An account on any of these networks with many followers but without interaction (that is, without engagement) is a dead account and this, rather Romania phone number than giving a good image, provides a very bad image. >> Do you want to opt for aid for the digitization of companies? More information << Let’s take an example: imagine that you find yourself with a giveaway on Facebook and there are hardly any participants. What would you think about that brand or business? However, the little interaction on social networks should

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not concern you only because of the image you transmit as a business, it should be a concern for you due to the change in the algorithm in many social networks, a change that makes the reach of the accounts’ publications with little interaction decreases considerably. engagement rss Engagement on Instagram We teach you how to calculate engagement on Instagram, the social network of the moment, a perfect platform for businesses related to fashion, decoration, nutrition, in general, to any sector in which image is key. How to calculate engagement on Instagram On Instagram we can

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publish both images, videos or the famous stories , those publications that have revolutionized the world of networks. We show you how to calculate the engagement of each of these contents, taking into account some of the most representative indicators: I like you or Likes. Comments or Comments. Mentions or Mentions. Followers or Followers New call-to-action Instagram engagement formula The formulas to calculate engagement on Instagram are as follows: I x 100 It is very different for those

who have a company profile, who, through Analytics, will be able to monitor all these metrics: Impressions: how many times your profile has been viewed Reach: unique visits to your publication. Website Clicks: Clicks to the website from your profile. Profile Visits: The number of times a user visits your profile. Posts: Likes and comments on each post. Actions: the posts that have inspired users to visit your Instagram profile. Discover: the percentage of users who have visited you but have not followed you. What would be a good engagement rate on Instagram? A good engagement rate is considered one that is between

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