After that,   According to the World Health Organization, 35% of ladies have suffered bodily or sexual . Violence, a percent that rises to 70% in some nations , not counting facts on harassment, which are not meditat within the examine. This is one in 3 women inside the worst case. 137 girls are kill by way of circle of relatives individuals every day around the world . After that, In the final year, the amazing circumstances of the global pandemic of COVID-19 have led to an boom of 500percentin calls to emergency offerings with reviews of violence inside the domestic confinement. The records is scary. Its objective electricity appeals ordinarily to a concrete, rational size, which shows us and reminds us of the suffering indignity of patriarchal domination.

Representing the complexity of this truth, but, does no longer follow a fixed sample.  However, How do we communicate approximately this horror without frivolizing it? How do we articulate a systemic evaluation from the exploration of individual instances? The can we avoid designing Eurocentric response agendas which are believed to be regularly occurring? How do we describe the sufferer with out victimizing her ? He do we keep away from essentializing the ideas of women and violence with out losing the political, empathetic and mobilizing force of their meanings?

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However, Art, and in particular literature, faces a lot of these demanding situations in a heterogeneous manner and in talk with its time. In the challenge ” Topics of Contemporary Literature ” we have proposed an Venezuela phone number technique to the numerous methods in which the letters formulate approaches of processing and decoding the expressions of patriarchal violence which are suffered round the sector. Why ‘violence’? For centuries, public discourse has restrained patriarchal oppression to at least one measurement of violence: physical, which manifests itself as aggression that endangers bodily integrity. In deciding on to speak of violence , inside the plural, we need to emphasise that physics is a face of the polyhedron this is the

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Heteropatriarchal shape of our global. Sexual violence and mental violence also are axes of subjugation and additionally encompass . Other similarly crucial ones which include monetary, racist or ecological violence. Understanding violence inside a framework of domination . Facilitates now not only to figure the complexity of the system, however additionally to discover . The variety in representations, forcing us to consider greater . Complete solutions. Why ‘girls’? Just as we cannot restrict ourselves to a . Single size of violence, our explorations ought to be based totally on a plural thought of

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However, the concept of ​​girls. We technique the idea of ​​girls as the problem subordinated with the aid of patriarchy. When we talk approximately women, we divulge heart’s contents to people and agencies that are not defined completely with the aid of criteria of sex, traditional restrictions on gender, magnificence, race, country, faith, or age. As there isn’t always simplest one manner to suffer oppression or to symbolize it, there’s no prototype of a girl. About the corpus This growth and the dependence that society has on social networks manner that corporations do no longer stop exploiting these networks, turning them into ideal sales channels . This exercise is call Social Selling. Find out the entirety about this income model!

However, What is social selling? Social selling is a income version extensively used today , which uses social equipment for . You to become aware of new customers and improve relationships with current . After that, Customers. Social-selling-what-is this sort of income version makes use of social . Networks to sell branding and entice the eye of . The target market via displaying beneficial content for them, the philosophy and . Human values ​​of the enterprise, creation approaches, new services or products, and so on. Social selling is a income . Version utilized in both b2b (business to business) marketing techniques and b2c (business to consumer) techniques due to . The fact in both cases ability customers (different

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