Blogging Trends That Bring Estonia Phone Number If you’ve seen any of 2017 benchmarks, budgets, and trends research. You may have noticed that the content marketing industry is growing up. In fact, 28% of b2b marketers, and 30% of b2c marketers now say their program has reached the sophisticated or mature stage of progress – the point where their efforts are able to provide measurable value to the Estonia Phone Number business. Increasing sophistication with content doesn’t mean practitioners have outgrown the tools and techniques that helped them reach greater success. And, despite all the channels, formats, and digital innovations emerging in our industry over the last few years. One tried-and-true tactic, in particular. Continues to lead the pack when it comes to reliably driving returns on the content investment: blogging. Consider these data points from  research:

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80% of b2b marketers and 75% of b2c marketers include blogging among their current techniques. 80% b2b & 75% b2c marketers include #blogging among current techniques via.  to tweet 52% of b2b and 51% of b2c marketers expect that blogging will be their most critical tactic for achieving success in the upcoming year. 52% b2b & 51% b2c marketers expect #blogging will be most critical tactic 4 achieving success.  to tweet but just because blogging doesn’t seem to be losing its standing in the marketing mix doesn’t mean marketers’ preferred practices aren’t subject to shifts in media trends and consumption preferences. In fact, as the findings from orbit media’s third annual blogging trends survey reveal. Some interesting changes are happening when it comes to content length, time spent creating posts, promotion efforts, and performance measurement.

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Estonia phone number

While orbit media strategy director own summary focuses on what’s changed over the past year. The results also reveal trends gradually gaining momentum. Below are some findings that we at cmi see as particularly Estonia Phone Number  noteworthy, along with some actions we suggest to help you take full advantage of this powerful content marketing channel. Handpicked related content: the ultimate blog marketing checklist: 65 tips, tools, and resources bloggers are increasingly replacing snackable content with sumptuous feasts key Estonia Phone Number  findings: the average blog post now takes over three hours to write (a 26% increase, year over year), and the number of bloggers who spend more than six hours on a post doubled in a year.

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