You must attach a package of documents along with a commission for the online theater Although this opportunity is in beta mode with a limitef number of sellers the terms of cooperation and the scheme of work are the same as Ozone and Wildberry. Work according to two schemes from the warehouse sales supplier to put the goods on the window. Bring them to the Ozone warehouse and wait for the sales market to store the product package and deliver it to the customer Terms of cooperation This work plan is suitable for those who cannot afford to rent a large warehouse and have the ability to ship to the customer Can be shippef to the warehouse Ozone Note that the car battery contains acid and alkali Dangerous flammable liquids can only be sold from their warehouses.

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Oversizef goods and tire sellers are also best to choose the second option to sell from their warehouses. Sellers add goods to the showcase. But store them at home when the order arrives. It notifies the partner. He will prepare the location after shipment. The Ozone courier will arrive to pick up the goods and deliver them to the customer. This option is available for Shandong Phone Number sellers from Moscow and St. Petersburg also. You can take the goods to the delivery service yourself or take them to Admission of addresses here how to cooperation with OzonCommission for suppliers previously had commissions for different categories from to but since February new tariffs have been introducef and now it ranges from to fulfillment.

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Commissions including on-site space warehouse handling placement assembly and packaging order delivery to customer processing Returns are deliveref from the supplier’s warehouse with less commission. It includes subscribing to the author’s Telegram channel on Russian entrepreneurship, placing the product on site, processing the order at the point of receipt, processing returns, processing individual payments according to the fulfillment mode, assembling the order in rubles per unit and ruble Book Your List volume weight in kilograms. Accurate to the kilogram. But not more than 80 rubles (trunk line) or rubles (kg) volumetric weight of the goods. Last mile but not less than 100 rubles and no more than 100 rubles for the paid courier fee. 100 rubles per arrival or 100 rubles if you bring the goods to the collection point by road.

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