Get Inspired and Organized New Zealand Phone Number Mind  If you are like. Any content marketer or writer I have met. You may have been challenged to consistently come up with new ideas. And, even when the ideas are flowing, how do you keep them organized — either by piece of content or by project? Both of these problems can take a huge amount of New Zealand Phone Number time and leave you spinning your wheels. One approach I have been using to generate ideas and keep them organized is mind mapping. Mind mapping is a way to visually diagram your ideas around a topic or theme. The ways that you can use mind maps are endless, but here are some examples specific to content marketing.

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Blogging Because blogging requires a steady flow of new content, it can be tough to crank out ideas week after week. Mind mapping can be a great way to brainstorm. Here is a very basic mind map I developed about blog posts by type. For instance, at CMI we publish several kinds of how-to posts: traditional step-by-step instructions/lists, interviews, research, case studies, and more. By breaking out post ideas New Zealand Phone Number by type (green bubbles), you may get inspired with different ideas (orange bubbles), and you can see where you have gaps in content. As you see below, you can also create related content, such as what we did with our report of the Digital New Zealand Phone Number Content Marketing.

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In the very simple mind map below, the main topic I brainstormed on is Blog Posts (yellow bubble). All the bubbles in green represent the different categories we New Zealand Phone Number have for blog posts. And the orange bubbles are the various ideas I had for potential topics, authors, or existing assets that can be leveraged/promoted through posts. I’m always amazed by how many more ideas I get when I look at the information visually. Outlines for content You can also use mind maps to prepare outlines for. Any kind of content you are working on, such as eBooks, white papers, videos, and more. It can be useful to develop outlines of jotting ideas on New Zealand Phone Number paper or in Word.



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