Content is, without a doubt, a hot topic in the modern world of marketing. Of course most companies realize that the classic communication model needs to be adapted; but to many, the notion of content marketing is still difficult to grasp. In the past few months, we’ve conducted numerous interviews with marketers in order to understand their Belgium Phone Number vision of content marketing. We also studied the expectations of consumers to get their points of view. Based on what we found, we wanted to share some of our ideas for making better content planning a more understandable and achievable goal. Content marketing’s objectives To get started, focus on your Belgium Phone Number content strategy’s objectives. We’ve found four main objectives for using a content strategy to create value for your company: Make yourself known as an expert in your sector.

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Relevant and strong content reinforces your company’s positioning. Show that you follow the trends, read interesting articles, and launch innovative campaigns. Belgium Phone Number Content marketing is not just about content creation but also well-executed curation. By sharing useful articles on topics that are relevant to your industry, you show the world that you are up to speed on the latest insight, and by commenting on blogs of other experts, you can further extend the reach of your own expertise. Get your name out there, and others will begin to view you as an expert. As a result, your company’s general renown will increase. Maintain a positive relationship with your customers. Belgium Phone Number Sharing your content regularly will keep your clients and consumers in continuous touch with your brand. It’s best not to bother them with offers or discounts, but rather to offer them something that will add value.

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Belgium Phone Number
Belgium Phone Number

For example, if you work in the research business, offer your audience research results they can use in their business plans instead of promoting your newest methodology. Once you are known for the value you provide, you can launch more promotion-driven efforts once in awhile without Belgium Phone Number turning your audience off. This content needs to be in line with the company culture and vision, obviously. It is sensible to think about your top areas of expertise and where you are unique in your market. For example, Coca-Cola claimed happiness as a theme. Without content marketing behind it, it feels a little strange that a soft drink can provide happiness. In Belgium Phone Number the last few years, Coca-Cola began executing acts — like The Happiness Machine — to make happiness tangible. By creating content about what happiness means, Coca-Cola claimed the theme, and made it relevant to its target market.

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