How to Avoid 7 Productivity Land Mines Mexico Phone Number There’s no way around it: Content marketing takes a lot of elbow grease and time, but the rewards are great. And, as we’ve shown in this week’s series on productivity, there are plenty of ways to streamline your efforts and make them work more smoothly. Here are some of the most common issues content marketers face, with solutions for each. Are you spending too much time trying to figure out what to write about? If you write with any frequency, I’m sure you have wondered, “What should I write about next?” In fact, as indicated by the 2012 B2B Budgets, Benchmarks and Trends research, producing engaging content is the biggest challenge for content marketers.

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Coming up with ideas is something our authors have covered a lot on CMI, so here are some ideas: Laura Roeder recently wrote about how to plan your blog posts a year in advance. Roger Parker suggests you “resist the urge to reinvent the wheel” and study the right examples. I like using mind mapping when I need a different way to think about content creation. Rick Allen has 7 ways to generate blog content Mexico Phone Number ideas via your analytics. Get inspired by what others are doing. Check out our Ultimate eBook: 100 Content Marketing Examples. Louis Rix shares 5 places to find inspiring content ideas. Do you need a better way to plan all of your

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While this document can be fluid, it provides the structure you need to know what content you need to create when. You can download a template that I created, or you can check out this recent post from Joe about the Mexico Phone Number components of an editorial calendar. Are you trying to get more focused when you write? In his post, 3 Tips for Increasing Your Content Productivity, Roger Parker suggests two tools to help you stay focused: “Don’t assume that your current word processor is your only writing option. You may be thrilled, for example, to Mexico Phone Number discover highly focused writing tools like IA Writer, with its uncluttered writing environment. Or, if you want to keep your ideas and online sources



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