How to Plan Your Blog Posts Sweden Phone Number You open the fridge, and stare at the empty shelves, wondering what the heck you are going to eat for dinner. Wouldn’t it have been easier if you’d planned out your meals for the week, slapped some ingredients into a Crock-Pot, and knew that dinner would be ready at the end of each day? Now, look at your blog. Are you wondering what you’re going to write about today? Don’t you wish you had a “fridge” full of ingredients (aka, topics) and Sweden Phone Number  a tasty post simmering in draft mode, scheduled for publication in the morning? You are well aware that blogging regularly brings new prospects in and keeps your clients coming back to your website, right? Interested and engaged clients and prospects = more money in your bank account.

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So why aren’t you approaching your blog like the pro you are? Guess what? You do have a slow-cooker for content, and you can plan beyond just today’s post. In fact, I’m going to show you how to plan your posts for the next year. Here’s how: 1. Brainstorm strategic topics Your blog’s purpose is to establish your expertise, showcase your unique voice and approach, and demonstrate your professionalism. There are Sweden Phone Number several content types that will support this mission. Here’s where to find and keep track of them: Start tracking questions you get from your customers and your prospects. Remember, you are blogging for your clients, not for your peers. What kinds of questions do you get in your e-mail or on social media? Even if the answers to those questions seem very elementary for you, the answer likely contains valuable information for your customers.

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Sweden Phone Number

Start keeping a file in a notebook, a folder on your computer, or an e-mail folder. Whenever you receive questions from your clients or prospects, save the question in this folder or document. It can be a simple spreadsheet, a word document, or a group of saved e-mails. How you track this isn’t important — what is important is that you make it a habit to save this information in the same place whenever it comes in. Actively seek out what people are talking about in your field. Search social media sites, blog posts, and forums to see what people are talking about in your industry. You can use Google to find these sites, and then simply bookmark the websites you find that tend to address what people are talking about in your field.



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