They’re a staple of courtroom dramas everywhere — expert witnesses. These are individuals whose professional opinion is so valued that it can help sway, or even decide. The outcome of a court case. Clearly, informed opinion from appropriately qualified people has value in our society. It’s something that also has value from a content marketing perspective. Opinion-oriented content can be fun to read, as well as informative, so Czech Republic Phone Number it collects eyeballs. It can be a tremendously valuable source of information for anyone in. Decision-making mode — such as someone deciding on a new car. Trying to find a lawyer specializing in intellectual property, or looking for guidance on how to vote.

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It positions the author as a thought leader; someone who is invest enough in the topic to have a viewpoint and take a stand. It’s most useful if it’s a skilled individual who’s the “product” being marketed, making it ideal for marketing professional services. Even better: Opinion content can be in written form, or in video, a podcast, or any other medium. Take, for example, a mining engineer client I’ll call Hussein. Who believes that mining companies must do more to manage the environmental effects of their mines after they’re clos. Water leaching through the mine waste and through the mine itself can pick up contaminants such as acids and metals, causing huge issues for ecosystems downstream.

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Czech Republic phone number
Czech Republic phone number

Let’s look at ways opinion content can help Hussein show his expertise to members of the mining industry — potential clients for his skills in managing the water impacts of mining. Stand-alone opinions In working with Hussein, the first form of content I created was an article for a mining industry trade magazine. I interviewed Hussein about the issues he wanted to speak about, and studied the text of a keynote speech he had recently given at a conference on mine closure to gather enough information to (ghost) write an article for his byline. This is an example of what I call stand-alone content in that this article wasn’t based on a previous development (as would be the case with “Review” or “Comment” content, described below).



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