Recently, I had my second child, and I’m now on a quest to lose the “baby weight” (Ah, if it were only weight from the baby, I would not be in this predicament!). While there are a myriad of suggestions and programs out there to help people lose weight, there are a few widely accept principles: You need to incorporate lots of vegetables, fruits, and lean in your diet while removing sugar and make time for regular exercise. But knowing what you need to do and actually Philippines Phone Number doing it are two different things. It takes discipline and willpower to achieve your goal, even when you don’t see results at first. In essence, you need to make sticking to a healthy diet and exercising into a habit.

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Like having a good diet or exercise content marketing is not something you can “set and forget;” rather, you need to be consistent. But how can you make content marketing a habit when you have so much else Philippines Phone Number going on? Here are a few ideas: Put yourself on a 30-day boot camp I often hear it takes 3 to 4 weeks to make something a habit. Figure out where your gap is with content marketing (planning? writing?), and be diligent about doing something EVERY day (or every work day) to further your goal. Try the Pomodoro Philippines Phone Number technique, which is a fancy way of saying turn off everything else and focus on the task for 25 minutes. You’ll be amazed at how much you can accomplish.

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Have a place to store all ideas Once you get stared with content marketing, I’ll guarantee you that ideas will crop up at the oddest times — and you want to capture those thoughts. While there are a lot of ways to do this, I use Philippines Phone Number Evernote, which is something I can access on my laptop, iPad, or phone. Break bad habits Unless you simply want to be working more, you need to “steal” time from somewhere else to make time for content marketing. What activities in your schedule might be taking more time than necessary? Here are a Philippines Phone Number few things .



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