Thanks to artificial intelligence, users have a growing number Denmark Phone Number of possibilities to manipulate images, texts or sounds. Machines can independently create new episodes of TV series based on simple texts. Robots also build their own storylines. Sophia, one of the Denmark Phone Number most famous robots in the world, turned out to have a wish to have children. Sophia is a humanoid, a robot that looks like a human. She is ‘self-learning’ based on artificial intelligence. If you don’t have a Denmark Phone Number family, you deserve one, she said in an interview recently. With that she built her own plot: will she be able to give birth to that robot baby? Wall with the text ‘your reality’.

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They no longer want to be constantly online, but to be in Denmark Phone Number contact with real people and to share real attention. More slow with the flow . Speech, idiosyncratic character traits and personal dilemmas of professionals may be visible on social media. Although Denmark Phone Number there are differences per sector. On LinkedIn, people share personal experiences or express their sadness. Or there are regret stories: sorry counting. More and more often the business bracket is Denmark Phone Number missing. We also see ultra-personal stories on other fronts. Policy advisor Tim ‘S Jongers at the Council for Public Health & Society spoke from his own experience about growing up in extreme poverty.

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He tells raw stories about frikandellen as standard Denmark Phone Number dinner. Encourages well-meaning policy makers and administrators to be humble, because they don’t really understand what it’s like to be permanently in survival mode. So he does. Besides Denmark Phone Number raw, those stories can also be downright hilarious or embarrassing. Scientist Aukje Nauta once sent the results of her STD test to a business partner instead of to her lover. oops. Nauta was not Denmark Phone Number ashamed of this personal story in her recent book ‘Never pretend again’. 8. The malleable story you tell yourself The corona crisis has made many people think. The stories and structures of the twentieth century have disappeared or crumbled.

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