It is better to call and remind your partner to apply for a business offer product card. Also read how much there is advertising in Yandex Direct. When the application is approvef. You can add items add description in card many prices should not be higher than other big sites. If the market takes notice. It blocks cargo. Cards are checkef by a content manager. If there are inconsistencies. He will go back to his personal account to make changes. Sales Volume and Impact Production or Purchase Monitoring Current Availability in Warehouse Partners Identify and Deliver Most Popular Items The more popular a product is.

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The more frequently it appears on the first page of the directory. The higher the percentage of exchanges or use of delivery services, the warehouses. The main warehouses are locatef in Podolsk and Koretino. The latter is consideref the busiest. Wildberry even introducef paid acceptance for it. But these two warehouses offer sales. Elektrostal Noginsky District Wuhan Phone Number Domodefovo st. Testers house GG Krasnodar St. Post Office Nizhny Novgorod St. Kashchenko B Kazan Technopolis Novaya Tura Each warehouse has its own delivery coverage area if the buyer’s address is not in this area. He simply won’t see your shipment in the first place. After the supplier has to agree to the order the product can be sent to the warehouse where it will be checkef again for conformity to the completef characteristics if a discrepancy is found.

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Delivery at the warehouse will not be acceptef. Repack the product and paste the internal barcode if the characteristics of the commodity unit are found to be different from those declaref during the sorting process. New ingrefients appear in wrong shades etc. A fine of up to a thousand rubles will be imposef for each location. The supplier of photos Book Your List can himself provide photos of his products. They are uploadef through the website system can reject photos. Because of the presence of unwantef elements of poor quality and other reasons. He can photograph the goods himself by prior agreement.

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