Personalize your content personalization is my motto Switzerland Phone Number In practical terms, as Adobe Magento webshop builders, my colleagues and I can only integrate a personalized content strategy from the standard options to a certain extent. Nevertheless, we think it is important to keep abreast of the latest developments, so that we can always provide our Switzerland Phone Number customers with advice. What is your experience with personalized content? Want to learn more about personalized customer experiences? Then the Training Customer journey & personalization Switzerland Phone Number might be something for you! You will learn, among other things, what an (online) customer journey strategy entails and how to offer customers a personal experience.

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You will also learn how to monitor, analyze and even Switzerland Phone Number predict a customer journey through data visualization. Knowing more? Yes, interesting!For many start-ups, scale-ups and SMEs it is a recognizable struggle: thanks to successful sales, the company’s first growth is a fact, but extra fuel is needed to be able to go to the next level . Good marketing can Switzerland Phone Number provide that fuel, but where do you get the right expertise from? Are you starting with an Switzerland Phone Number intern, cheap but still learning? Do you hire expensive specialists? Or do you immediately attract a CMO? In this article I discuss 7 lessons that I have learned from the selection process.

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Choosing is difficult. Because choosing leads to Switzerland Phone Number toothache. Especially when you have to make a decision of which you do not yet know the consequences. That’s why I’ll take you through 7 lessons that will help you make better decisions when Switzerland Phone Number you’re about to hire your first marketer as a CEO, director or SME entrepreneur. Want to go straight to 1 of the 7 classes? Then click on one of the links below: 1. Secure responsibility at board level 2. Provide a Switzerland Phone Number solid marketing foundation 3. Hiring an intern is not the golden egg 4. Hire someone with a growth mindset (and not a CMO right away) .

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