We are left to ourselves to answer the fundamental France Phone Number questions of life. We search for our source stories and make different choices. Work is no longer automatically number one. The introverte person also gets the chance to shine . We can do more digitally. Want less travel time and also miss France Phone Number and social contact at work. People seek more connection in narratives in which sustainability. Spirituality and the restore connection with nature play a major role. Many organizations ask for stories that France Phone Number bring these themes to life. Attention is also growing for the stories that people tell themselves. What other story is possible when you look back on your life? Can you also tell another story?

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For organizations, this way of looking provides France Phone Number opportunities to continue to fascinate and retain employees. The enormous growth of walks in corona time has also result in a new form for sharing stories: the story walk . Walking France Phone Number more and more and nature are starting points for coming up with your own source stories and developing new perspectives for the future. 9. More Stories from the Inside Out Storytelling is no longer the preserve France Phone Number of (specializ) storytellers. Script writers or other professionals. Brands have become publishers in order to build a direct relationship with their partners. Customers and consumers.

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More and more people are playing an active role. From France Phone Number co-producer in the entertainment industry to all kinds of self publishing . The stories are increasingly told from within. Podcasts and videocasts are experiencing a growth spurt. Also in the France Phone Number communication of organisations. Companies and brands. The offerings in podcasting range from smooth studio work to raw pearls scoop up from the street. Technical bells and whistles may be omitte. Organizations France Phone Number encourage employees to share their own stories via social media. For example. Care organization ‘s Heerenloo shares extremely personal and vulnerable stories under the hashtag, as this example shows.

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