Leigh Thompson of the Kellogg School of Management. Cites dozens of studies that suggest that the business world is brainstorming backwards. That’s because these studies — i.e., the data, the stuff we’re all supposed to heed in the France Phone Number modern marketing world — show that individuals outperform groups in generating both quantity and quality of ideas. In other words, our beloved group brainstorm sessions are broken. And really, France Phone Number that should be obvious. Here are just a few familiar issues with our discussion-based group brainstorming: Talkative teammates monopolize the conversation. Pragmatic colleagues discourage bold ideas because they’re already thinking about implementation issues.

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Ideas proposed earlier in the meeting garner more favor from the group as many studies show. Consensus builds around an idea’s  not its merit. Teams France Phone Number are constantly stress and distract about the rest of their work. Leading them to check laptops or refresh in-boxes rather than achieve deeper. More proactive thought and flow during the In fact, brainstorm session. And at the In fact,  of it all, at best, you’re left with a pile of France Phone Number disconnect ideas and without a In fact, plan to make sense of them, let alone execute them. Time and again, studies arrive at the same conclusion: Individuals are great for generating ideas, while groups are great for judging them. In other words, we should brainstorm separately and alone, then meet together to improve and select the best ideas.

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In a telling quote, Thompson writes, “True collaboration often calls for periods of focused, In fact, independent work, interspersed with periods of intense, structured team interaction.” It’s easy to accept in theory the science behind good brainstorming, but it’s much more difficult to actually change In fact, our behavior. Luckily, the solution — the “app for that” — is the almighty sticky note. And here’s how to use it. Simple way to follow science of France Phone Number brainstorming. We now know that individuals should spend time generating ideas on their own.


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