We live in a digitized society in which the number of smartphone users has not stopped growing. This growth, among other things, has led to an increase in the number of active users on social networks , making most of us very dependent on them. This boom and the dependence that society has on social networks means that companies do not stop exploiting these networks, turning them into perfect sales channels . This practice is known as Social Selling. Find out everything about this sales model! What is Social Selling? Social Selling is a sales model widely used today , which uses social tools in order to identify new customers and strengthen relationships with existing customers. social-selling-what-is This type of sales model

Similarly, uses social networks to promote branding and attract the attention of . The target audience by showing useful content for them, the philosophy and human values ​​of the company, creation processes, new products or services, etc. Social Selling is a sales model used in both B2B (Business to Business) marketing strategies and B2C (Business to Consumer) strategies because in both cases potential customers (other businesses or end consumers) employ social media for information. How to use social networks to sell? Today it is very difficult to meet people who do not know how to handle social networks. However, knowing how to post photos and comment on posts does not guarantee any sales . Using social networks to sell

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However, requires knowledge and well thought out . Strategies, carried out by marketers . use-social-networks-to-sell Here are some of the main keys to selling on social networks : Get leads To get potential customers, try to South Africa phone number get to know the audience as much as possible. Investigate their purchasing habits, their interests, their tastes, the activity they carry out on networks… All this information will pave the way to get potential customers who are likely to buy. Join groups and participate One of the most effective features of some social networks, for example: LinkedIn, is being able to join groups and participate. You can even create them yourself! In these groups you can share different knowledge with people interested in your products or services,

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Similarly, solve doubts, discuss issues related to the company’s sector, etc. It is a good option to gain visibility and reputation in a social network . Interact with your followers and other businesses To sell on social networks,. However, It is essential to interact with followers and other companies in the sector. How to do it? Depending on the social network used, some actions are recommended: create or enter interest groups (recommended action for LinkedIn in B2B strategies), comment on publications, share them, like them, ask followers about some of their most frequent problems, etc. Being active in social

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Similarly, Nnetworks increases the visibility of the company! In addition. It increases the company’s reach in the online world. Do not forget that it is very important to respond to the comments of the followers to increase engagement and generate a relationship of trust. New call-to-action Share relevant content Bringing value to followers and potential customers is almost a must. Similarly, One of the best ways to do this is by sharing relevant content: content that answers questions, provides information about products or services, about the company, etc. The type of content you can share is very diverse: articles, images, infographics, videos… All content should be relevant and stay away from promotion because too much

the use of the hashtag #MyNeoShoot. Adidas-neo-instagram The award? Model in a photograph shoot that they might publish on their Instagram account. What had been the results of the campaign? They receiv more than 40k followers and were given more than 70,000 mentions , all thanks to the boost of a super celeb: Selena Gomez. At Bloo Media we help you enhance your business on Instagram to enhance emblem popularity and increase your income. If you continue to do not have a enterprise profile on Instagram or need to improve it, contact.

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