Experience is everything, so turn off your phone and Pakistan Phone Number turn on your absence assistant. Sit back in your easy chair, grab a bowl of nuts (from a good brand. (Not those cheap ones that are way too salty and have too large and small nuts mixed up in the mix.) And a nice glass of beer and enjoy! As a blogger, marketer or content creator, it is of course fantastic when your content Pakistan Phone Number goes viral. But why do things go viral? Is that due to the information, the value, the type of content? The answer to that is: no, it’s none of those things. Ryan Holiday describes in his book Growth Pakistan Phone Number Hacker Marketing why content is going viral.

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In this blog I explain the results of his research and how you Pakistan Phone Number can apply this within your organization. The importance of sharing We humans love to share information and opinions with others. This is how we form relationships with the people Pakistan Phone Number around us. The internet is continuously responding to this by, for example, adding a share button to everything we read. But what makes us sometimes press that button and sometimes not? And what makes so many people Pakistan Phone Number press that button at the same time, with the result that the content goes viral? Why are articles shared? Ryan Holiday answers the above questions on the basis of his research results.

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He analyzed hundreds of articles that have recently Pakistan Phone Number gone viral to find a connection. The book Growth Hacker Marketing by Ryan Holiday (2014) is a popular book in the world of growth hacking. The reason I chose his results is because his research into Pakistan Phone Number viral content is the precursor to further research. There are new insights about viral content, but often in the form of opinion pieces and not studies. That is why I like to take this somewhat Pakistan Phone Number older book as a starting point. First, Holiday looked at the topics of the articles. It turned out that articles about education, health and science were shared more often than articles about sports and politics. But why?

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