The email shows, among other things, my latest Spain Phone Number purchase and the category in which I apparently shopp the most during nine years. How? This email must have been hard work. You don’t see it in this example, but if you scroll down in the mail, the Spain Phone Number figures walk down. Everything moves, while many elements also remain stationary. We call this the ‘parallax effect’. In addition to designing and animating all elements, a link is use here to Spain Phone Number automatically load the product image of the last purchase product and the category in which the customer bought the most. For example, through a CDP.

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Example personalize homepagehas different Spain Phone Number types of homepages for different types of users. I compar the homepage I see when logg in with the homepage one of my colleagues sees when logg in. What has done cleverly is the horizontal layout of the Spain Phone Number page. The screenshot below clearly shows how the homepage is made up of ‘layers’. These layers are then perfect for dynamically adapting content for different customer groups. To display dynamic Spain Phone Number content, most likely uses a CDP-like tool. Standard e-commerce packages generally do not provide the ability to make content dynamic.

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Spain phone number

Example personaliz homepage Example content Spain Phone Number personalization Where I get recommendations for make-up, laptop bags and outdoor equipment, my colleague gets recommendations for books and men’s clothing. So it can be conclud from Spain Phone Number this that my colleague and I fall into different customer groups. has created different Spain Phone Number content per product category (by this I mean, for example, the green-rimmed first row). This is shown in different compositions to different visitors. My colleague and I also get to see different products. Example content personalizationExample content personalization Is content personalization feasible for small and medium-sized webshop?

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