That ultimately makes the issue worse and people stay USA Phone Number under negative attention for longer.” What is ethical communication? ‘That is a way in which you as an organization proactively share reliable information. In terms of objective, you can in fact use the same starting point as with crisis communication. Do not put your own interests first, but (want to) meet the USA Phone Number social information needs as much as possible. “The focus is on those affected and/or those involved. Just read the basic book by Frank Regtvoort and Hans Siepel on Crisis Communication. In addition, you USA Phone Number also have to be open and reliable in behavior.” And how do you do that? “The starting point is always: if you want to reach people, there must be a basis of trust.

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Trust is like oxygen. If it is there, no one notices and USA Phone Number everyone takes it for granted. But if it is not there, then panic breaks out and people realize the necessity. Then it becomes difficult to communicate. If there is confidence, you can also take a few bumps USA Phone Number when things go wrong.” But you can’t force trust… “Whether you gain confidence is, of course, up to the other. What you as an organization can influence yourself is that you are reliable. Both in USA Phone Number behavior and what you communicate. There is a good chance that you will receive trust.

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Onora O’Neill’s TEDX talk explains this mechanism USA Phone Number beautifully. The European Communications Monitor also confirms that trust is the rock in the current social media environment.” Why is the communication professional the right person for this? “Communication consultants can put themselves in the shoes of others and they are aware of how USA Phone Number communication processes and (social) media work. “They can retrieve information internally and externally and tell a story based on this. Traditional management thinking, in which everything is seen in USA Phone Number terms of costs and returns, is still dominant and offers little room for ethics. Add to this the fact that many organizations get stuck in systems thinking. We’ve made it so complicated that we can’t figure it out on our own.

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