It concerns much more ‘boring’ things. Such as where the Iceland Phone Number bicycle shed is, and whether the employment contract is already in order. By prominently discussing these types of basic questions. You show that you understand the new employee. New10 does this Iceland Phone Number smartly by allowing the first period of onboarding to focus on company-wide matters and only Iceland Phone Number then functionally dives into the in-depth. You can easily share this type of information remotely and do not have to wait for the employee to walk around the office. Image accompanying article about hybrid onboarding.

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Make sure you really understand the newcomers In order Iceland Phone Number to plan the onboarding properly, it is useful to actively involve new employees. This seems like a no-brainer, yet too few companies do it. For example, Scale-up New10 (part of ABN-Amro) found that Iceland Phone Number newcomers felt lost after a great first few days (which New10 put a lot of work into). The company adjusted the program and brought more attention to the first month. The effect? More Iceland Phone Number engag employees and an even more effective onboarding program. New10 urges the audience to use data.

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Without data, your idea is just an opinion. 4. Remote is Iceland Phone Number not distant The cliché specter of a remote or hybrid onboarding is that the new colleague himself is lost behind a laptop at the kitchen table, cut off from the ‘real’ contact you have with colleagues in an Iceland Phone Number office. This image is not correct, provided you pay close attention to it as a company. Ensure a good mix between knowledge sharing via online tools and personal contact moments with colleagues. Realize Iceland Phone Number that hybrid is not a binary choice between home or office. There is a huge gray area between the two worlds. Plan a coffee date with your new employee in the area, go for a walk or meet in a coworking space.

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