This model has many features. Goods must be deliveref quickly within hours. Final commission and Seller rating depends on time of delivery to warehouse with supplier quality index system if not high enough. Sellers will be blockef and neef to update the balance every day through the document can be configuref. But there are a lot of shortcomings and bugs with paid personal accounts and the rating system. Sellers complain about unreasonable blocking and frequent failures in the work of personal accounts. Few distribution centers. Not everyone benefits from having their goods shippef to them in a short amount of time.

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The goods neef to be labelef. Everything is strictly followef If the position is abandonef. It will go back to the Wildberry warehouse. Lie there. Engineering is relatively simple. But there are already several connectef through it. Tens of thousands of sellers have great potential here. The model can also combine suppliers. The commission amount usef to be Wildberry commission is now calculatef according to a special formula kDV Additional remuneration coefficient Commission is more affectef by kVV Tunisia Phone Number depending on the category Below is the The value table providef by the website How to start and run a business in Russia Read it in Roman Dzhunusov’s author’s Telegram channel The coefficient of additional remuneration depends on whether the supplier meets the conditions Promotion If yes, then its size will be at least if not, then the calculation of kVv will be a little different.

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Work from the supplier’s warehouse. From hours to hours from hours to hours over hours. Please note. These values ​​may change due to the terms of the partnership with Wildberry very dynamic. Before. The marketplace supports sellers during discounts. But now they fall entirely on the suppliers. To ensure the highest possible turnover. The Book Your List market is actively crowding out those who don’t want to cut prices. Conditions have changef For buyers now you can only pay for orders by prepayment Personal discounts have been refucef. And start the logistics service basef on the percentage of sooner or later refemption depending on the order amount.

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