This article we are going to talk about a very  when planning advertising strategies on Facebook and Instagram. This is the Facebook Ads Library , where we can study the advertising strategy of our competition. The objective is not only to provide transparency. On the ads displayed in the application, but also to facilitate the search for information on advertisers and creatives used. But before getting into the matter, let’s define what exactly it is and how it works. What is the Facebook Ad Library? According to Facebook itself on its page: The ad library offers advertising transparency by providing. A comprehensive, searchable collection of all ads currently running. On Facebook apps and services, including Instagram.

What is the facebook ad library who can access the facebook ad library? This is the good part. Anyone, whether they have a facebook account or not, can access this library. To collect information about any currently active ad, even those ads that would. Not show in your news feed due to the selected targeting. In short, facebook ad library is a place where you can find the ads. That are active at the time of your search, with information about the. Platforms it is being printed on and the date of publication. Are you liking the content? Subscribe to our blog! Email * I have read. And accept the privacy policy * you can access the privacy policy. From the following link . How does the facebook ad library work? Facebook makes it easy to see.

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who is running ads and what ads they are running. You can access the tool through this link . The first thing, once you get to this page, is to search for your main competitors. bookstore facebook search ads Once you’ve found a Peru phone number business and clicked on it, you should see a screen like the one below detailing some top level information about the business. library facebook2 Once you scroll down, you’ll be able to see all the ads they’re running with some helpful filters you can toggle on. You can see which ads are running in which countries, which ads are live, which ads are running in a certain

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period of time, and which ads are running on Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network and Messenger. facebook ad library Specifically, we can filter the ads by: Country Date Platform (Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network, Messenger or all). Active, inactive or both ads Why is Facebook Ads Library important? The Facebook Ads Library offers very useful information about what is happening in your sector, thanks to making it possible to view the ads of the competition. In any marketing strategy , it is essential to reach your audience as closely as possible, to build trust in the brand, reach potential customers and increase sales . When it comes to creating effective Facebook ads , you need to analyze what your competition is doing

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And regularly monitor it, to discover trends and strategy changes in your campaigns. Plus, not only is this a great way to find out what competitors are running, but you can also search any business to find new ideas and get some inspiration. You can even search for your own business, this will allow you to know what content you are sharing and on what platforms, quickly. How to take advantage of the ad library Next, we give you an idea of ​​how they attract your audience and position your brand to create more attractive campaigns. 1. Make a list of your competition This list will allow you to study a representative sample of the advertising campaigns that are currently being carried out in your sector. 2. Do a search for the ads Some of them may not be running ads at the time, so it’s good to do this search at least once a month.

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