Add these two c’s: Confidence : With remote onboarding it is Hong Kong Phone Number very important to give a lot of attention to the feeling that the newcomer really belongs and gains trust. This c is very important in the pre-boarding phase: the period between the moment you Hong Kong Phone Number are hired and the first working day. Many people feel insecure at this stage. Where do I end up? Have I made the right choice? Will this be okay? Make sure you confirm to a new employee that Hong Kong Phone Number the right choice has been made and that you cannot wait until the first working day. Think of sending a welcome package or contacting new colleagues.

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Checkback  the onboarding is not a straight line Hong Kong Phone Number from A to B where you don’t look back and rumble towards the finish as quickly as possible. Regularly stopping and checking whether you are still on the right route is just as important. It also gives Hong Kong Phone Number you the chance to build a relationship with the employee and quickly identify any problems. You can do this in a combination of general polls (automatic questions in between) and in-depth Hong Kong Phone Number personal conversations. 2. Sometimes new hires’ questions are deceptively simple Newcomers have access to an extensive program in which you really take people into your culture, the history of the company and who all those nice new colleagues are.

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Hong Kong Phone Number

But are these also the questions that a new Hong Kong Phone Number employee has in the first period? Radboudumc discovered that it was not the information about the culture or other ‘nice’ aspects of the organization that most newcomers clicked on Hong Kong Phone Number in their onboarding tool. On the contrary: it was the page Hong Kong Phone Number about ‘compliance’ (the laws and regulations in the organization) and the map of the Radboudumc that attracted the most visitors. Do you realize that your new employees are busy with much more basic things than your undoubtedly epic annual ski trip, or how your company started.

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