Not only are companies realizing that content marketing is an important part of customer acquisition. But different types of content marketing are emerging that can help organizations succeed in other areas. For example, UK phone number emerging tech blogs, such as Pando Daily, are beginning to use eBooks effectively, and established start-ups like Hootsuite are using white papers to market their products. Different content types require different skill sets, so even if you have a fabulous writer on staff, if that person doesn’t understand the finer points of writing the white papers you need to create as part of your UK phone number marketing strategy, you’ll need to outsource. Having different writers for different content types is essentially the equivalent of having a baseball team .

Hootsuite are using white UK phone number

where different players’ strengths make them better at playing some positions compared to others. It does not matter if you have a great hitter — that person cannot play first base, shortstop, and catcher at the same time. For example, your in-house writer may be great at writing press releases, but not have the SEO knowledge needed to write content for the internet or the marketing experience to write Facebook posts and sales UK phone number brochures. Manage your time This might strike you as obvious, but even established companies screw this one up: If your team doesn’t have time to write the content you need, it is a no-brainer to outsource. Just one short blog post can UK phone number take several hours to complete

Manage your time UK phone number

UK Phone Number
UK Phone Number

If your company needs multiple blog posts or other content written. There is a good chance your in-house team won’t have the time to get it done. Content marketing is something that has to be attended to on a regular basis. For UK phone number example, my in-house team wasn’t able to keep up with all of our own content needs. So we outsourced our blog to outside writers who were able to post entries on a regular basis. Another great example of a content company that outsources effectively is They produce some of the best. Sports content on UK phone number the internet and not only is the writing completely outsourced. So is their entire editorial process.



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