In this article, we’ve gone through the steps to prepare for Sweden Phone Number content personalization and discuss concrete examples of what personalization can look like. Finally, we come to the key question of this article. Is content personalization Sweden Phone Number feasible for small and medium-sized webshops? The answer is ‘yes. Provid you: are willing to do a lot of research yourself are willing to engage a third party For example, from standard Adobe Magento, my e-commerce platform of choice. It is possible to filter order lists by brand. So that you can generate a mailing list Sweden Phone Number with only customers who bought a certain brand. But unfortunately you cannot offer dynamic content on a homepage from standard Adobe Magento.

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This means that you have to engage experts and Sweden Phone Number have modules install or have them install if you want to exercise a personalization strategy in several areas. Content personalization becomes a lot easier with a CDP. You link these kinds of tools with Sweden Phone Number your e-commerce platform. Allowing you to collect data and distribute content in a personalized way. Disadvantage: this can easily add up to costs. For example. If you want to apply one-on-one Sweden Phone Number personalization, Datatrics will cost you €349 per month. Advantage : you manage all data and content from one system.

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Without CDP, you have to use different kinds of tools for Sweden Phone Number data collection and content distribution. Personalize your content personalization Basically, the conclusion of this article is that we might have to ask ourselves another question: is content Sweden Phone Number personalization useful at scale for small and medium size webshops? Sure, I can hear you thinking, ‘Content personalization is always helpful.’ But also when you write off the costs against the benefits? I Sweden Phone Number think that as a small entrepreneur you should definitely keep up with the times, but also not be fool by all kinds of buzzwords on the internet.

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