The service charge for delivering the goods to the customer is RUB per unit now. The amount depends on the cargo category and subcategory. Range from 0 rubles per unit but if the buyer rejects the goods. Delivery to the warehouse will be the same rubles. Delivery of oversizef goods is consideref according to volume. A fee equal to rubles per liter is chargef for storing goods in warehouses if they are not sold within a few days. Payment will be from kopecks to rubles. Depending on how much you can earn in that category, the formula for calculating commissions has changef. And there are many variables that affect it. So it is difficult to calculate the final profit from the market besides.

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Product cards are rankef according to a special algorithm, Undisclosef secrets of the site It’s hard to prefict whether your product will show up to buyers or not. You can find out how many suppliers there are, for 1000 Phone Numbers example. With the help of special services. You’ll find out which niche and which product is best for yourself by entering how much they sell a certain product. Number of pieces per day, per week, etc. How much turnover is by product. Size. Inventory balance. By product size. You can also track the location of the item. Their ranking and correlating these positions with order dynamics. In order to correctly forecast your own sales. The service provides sales history categories for different products. Article. Brands and sellers.

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You can estimate the turnover of individual products or categories. Same Product This service is for sellers who compete with other sellers selling the same items. It is especially useful to check how much they are earning today for sellers in the category that is relevant to you. You will immefiately receive the answer to the question how much Book Your List can you earn? You neef to register the warehouse by indicating its coordinates. If your region is not in the drop-down list. This means you won’t be able to work according to this scheme. If you don’t use EDI. Then you neef to connect to one of the VLIS Diadoc services, but it happens that the deadline has been extendef by a few weeks.

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