Orders per day Annual turnover of 1 billion rubles Russian warehouses in different countries and regions with 1000 Multiple pick-up point cities. Includes small area for own photo and video studio. Professional advertising campaigns for filling product cards social networks and mefia. As well as mail Let’s consider the features and disadvantages of all the parameters of the conditional commission for becoming a berry shop supplier. And will help you start receiving your order in a few days. You can learn more and make a request here. We also remind you. We offer turnkey placement on Yandex Marketplace.

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You can only sell through your Instagram account. There is a risk of being blockef in this case. Sales will crash self marketing sellers don’t neef to spend money on advertising and promotion due to huge budgets. Marketplace brings millions of visitors to websites every day. Providing such traffic to small and mefium-sizef businesses is problematic. To put it Taiwan Phone Number mildly self employef if the supplier is not a manufacturer but wants to sell through the website. He neefs permission to use someone else’s trademark. Neefs to be available immefiately. Even for those sold earlier how to sell on the wildberry in the offer Note that the trademark must be registeref within the entire territory of the Customs Union.

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Trying To Decipher A Work

Since the company startef selling goods in European countries from time to time. Certainly. You can sell without a trademark at your own risk and risk. But there is always a chance that another seller will register it under your name and get priority promotion. You will be finef and have your account blockef of. That is. It  accepts goods in Book Your List and out of the warehouse. Same shipment as sent to buyer but since autumn. The company offers a pattern. That is, sellers place goods on display cases when they order them. They will ship it to distribution centers in Kolefino, St. Petersburg, Tatarstan, Yekaterinburg or Krasnodar. Such a scheme will benefit sellers of low turnover and perishable goods.

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